...Is It In You?
Sign From God
by: Abortions4Free
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Nikki was just being a conduit for the Lords word. I guess it lost something in the translation.
genieofalltrades: i just wanna know one thing
Abortions4Free: Yes?
genieofalltrades: r u serious about the abortion thing im not fooling around some things in your info sounded like maybe u are joking but thats whut id like to know
genieofalltrades: ???
Abortions4Free: We are a serious abortion provider. If you are in need of our services I will be glad to help you.
genieofalltrades: how can you kill an innocent baby, wont RUIN the persons life....they made a choice ad they should have to live with that choice..there is such thing as adoption...think about this...whut if you were guess you woudlnt be here rite now.....a baby cant ruin your has no cant even eat by itslef much less RUIN your life
genieofalltrades: i mean isnt that a lil harsh " DONT DELAY KILL YOUR BABY TODAY" doesnt kill= are you telling me you are WILLING to MURDER a baby who has done nuthing?
Abortions4Free: If my parents hadn't had me, I wouldn't have to be stuck in this lousy job, 7 1/2 months pregnant, corns on my feet, waiting for my next ten minute break so I can have a cigarette and going home every night covered in blood and fluviatic membrane.
Abortions4Free: Hey, I don't write the jingles, I just set appointments and vacuum wombs.
genieofalltrades: so ur pregnant?
Abortions4Free: Yes I am. Thats why I had to settle for this job. Not a lot of work for a woman in my condition.
Abortions4Free: Have you ever had an abortion?
genieofalltrades: and wait a second YOU DONT HAVE TO BE AN ABORTIONIST you could do so many other things...yeah most ppl take off when they're pregnant.......and even if u didnt want to take off.....there are jobs that you could do like part time....but do you reallly want to be a part of murdering babies? I mean doesnt it just make you so terribly sad to know hey im killing a baby whut did it do to deserve this
genieofalltrades: yes i have......and i REGRET IT DEEPLY....but i have to live with it........i think all the time whut my baby wouldve been like
Abortions4Free: But did you ever think of it the other way? Ever think "hey maybe I'm aborting the next Hitler or the next Kurt Russel".
genieofalltrades: but then again you could maybe be aborting the next Mother Theresa or the next Princess Diana.....the baby doesnt deserve to die
Abortions4Free: Look around the planet and realize, most of the people I meet are dicks. Unbelievable shitheads. Make you feel good for taking a few out of this world.
genieofalltrades: you dont give it a chance in the world how do you know that theyre gonna be dicks just based on ppl youve met
Abortions4Free: I mean seriously, a good 90 percent of people are shitbags. Don't beleive me, count em sometime. You'll be killing babies too.
genieofalltrades: know i save babies lives
genieofalltrades: no*
genieofalltrades: whut about ur baby?
Abortions4Free: What about it?
Abortions4Free: Hello?
genieofalltrades: sorry i was kicked off....did you say ne thing?
Abortions4Free: You asked about my baby. What about it?
genieofalltrades: it has just a good of a chance of becoming the next Hitler or even the next Mother Theresa......but ur giving your baby a chance....these other babies...dont they deserve a chance just like ur baby
Abortions4Free: You know what?
Abortions4Free: You are right.
Abortions4Free: My baby isn't any different and I am a hypocrite for saying so.
Abortions4Free: At least I can admit when I am wrong.
genieofalltrades: thanx
Abortions4Free: It's funny how God puts people in your life when you are most open to hearing what you need to hear.
Abortions4Free: I am going to abort this child before the end of my shift.
genieofalltrades: whut?
genieofalltrades: no
Abortions4Free: Just because its mine doesn't mean it won't be as hideous as any other persons child of Satan.
Abortions4Free: You showed me where I was living a double standard.
genieofalltrades: but you have to give it a chance
genieofalltrades: so u dont love your baby?
Abortions4Free: Love him? I dont even know him! (Kinda like the father LOL)
Abortions4Free: All I know is I don't want to have the next Hitler baby after all the preachin I've been doing.
genieofalltrades: but hes inside of you.....hes a part of can kill a part of you
genieofalltrades: pleez dont abort him.....adopt him out or sumthing just dont kill your baby
Abortions4Free: It'll be easier this way. I am a trained professional. I know what to do.
Abortions4Free: I just breech the skull with this needle-vacuum and collapse its head.
Abortions4Free: Then he is basically sucked inside-out into the blue Medi-bag and I can dispose of it on my smoke break.
genieofalltrades: u honestly want to end this babies life? it hasnt even had a chance.......your baby will grow to love you dont you wnt to feel that love
Abortions4Free: I don't really feel a thing.
genieofalltrades: u should feel ur heart
Abortions4Free: Yes, but what if I did have this child and he ended up being gay or even bald?
genieofalltrades: but hes still a person.......whut if he grows up to be an awesome missionary who gets the gospel out into the world and saves a lot of people
genieofalltrades: who gives a shit if hes bald whoop di doo...we're talking about morals here
Abortions4Free: What if he turns into one of those preists that poons young biys in their toilet-holes?
Abortions4Free: Boys*
genieofalltrades: well if hes raised rite then its apretty good chance he wot be
genieofalltrades: wont*
Abortions4Free: Or even worse, what if he's *fat*???
Abortions4Free: My Sweet Lord Jesus I am glad we are having this conversation.
Abortions4Free: I am going to sterilize the equpiment right now. Hold please.
genieofalltrades: whiut is your prob? cant you look past looks and thin about the inside his heart who cares if hes fat
genieofalltrades: no
Abortions4Free: You are my lifesaver, my sign from a God I'd thought abandonded me.
Abortions4Free: I'm not even going to use anesthesia.
genieofalltrades: no im tryin to convince you not to........pleez dont kill ur baby
Abortions4Free: You already convinced me to abort it. It's so odd how strong Jesus' presence can be. Just before you IM'd me, the last thing in the world I would have done is abort my own child.
Abortions4Free: Ten minutes later and I have already frozen my cervix and am readying the vacuum.
genieofalltrades: Jesus doesnt want you to abort your baby....its satan tryin to get you to...not Jesus
Abortions4Free: Please hold.
Abortions4Free: Oooooh, Jesus that hurts!
genieofalltrades: whut hurts??
Abortions4Free: My Good Merciful Lord! No wonder those little girls cry so hard when I do this.
Abortions4Free: What is your name?
genieofalltrades: Nikki
genieofalltrades: thats not the only reason theyre crying i bet
genieofalltrades: whut the fuck r u doin?
Abortions4Free: Jiminy Christmas, that stings!
genieofalltrades: how am i spose to believe thatur REALLY doin this?
Abortions4Free: Excuse your language. I might be aborting my own child but I am still a lady.
Abortions4Free: I HAD to do it.
Abortions4Free: When you ignore a sign from the Lord, you ignore being true to yourself.
genieofalltrades: youve already done it?
genieofalltrades: i dont believe you really did it
Abortions4Free: Yes, and I am bleeding more than normal.
Abortions4Free: This... this isn't good.
genieofalltrades: r u ok?
Abortions4Free: I think so... I just haven't seen anyone bleed this much. But I am older than most of the girls I've treated.
genieofalltrades: whut hapened?? r u alrite?
genieofalltrades: so uve already killed ur baby?
Abortions4Free: Oh my sweet sweet Jesus.
genieofalltrades: ????
Abortions4Free: Oh my Godd and True Lord I hope you have steered me down the right path.
Abortions4Free: Good*
genieofalltrades: whut do you mean?
Abortions4Free: It's just that...
genieofalltrades: have you already killed him?
Abortions4Free: I mean..
genieofalltrades: whut?
Abortions4Free: I have seen so many like this before.
genieofalltrades: so many like whut?
Abortions4Free: *God*
genieofalltrades: wut??
genieofalltrades: is ur baby dead??
Abortions4Free: I have seen so many "terminations* like this, selaed in a clear blue bag. But it always seemed like just cells and fluid...
Abortions4Free: To see my own ... child like this???
Abortions4Free: Oooooooooh I don't know that i did the right thing!!!
genieofalltrades: you didnt~!!!
Abortions4Free: Nikki what did I do???
Abortions4Free: I can see its eye in the bag and its looking at me!!!
genieofalltrades: pleez dont lie to me......did you REALLY kille ur baby?
Abortions4Free: *Jeus help me*
Abortions4Free: Yes yes yes yes. But I thought you were giving me a sign!!!!
genieofalltrades: no
genieofalltrades: i pleaded w/u not to
Abortions4Free: I thought I was getting rid of the next Hitler!!!
Abortions4Free: You said!!!
genieofalltrades: no....u just got rid of a little baby
Abortions4Free: Oh Christ in a cracker barrell!!! I am bleeding like a speared pig!!!
genieofalltrades: he didnt even have achance
Abortions4Free: He had a chance til you said he was no different than all the other horrible people!!!
Abortions4Free: What if he wasn't??? What if he were going to be like... like..
Abortions4Free: me?
genieofalltrades: i was sayin not to do it to all the others
Abortions4Free: Oh my goodness. I am going to have to get rid of this.
genieofalltrades: i didnt want you to kill ur baby
Abortions4Free: This is not legal at this stage of gestation.
Abortions4Free: And this eye... it's like.. wherever Igo it's looking at me.
genieofalltrades: babies can be aborted up until 9 partial abortion
genieofalltrades: arent u sad?
Abortions4Free: OhMyGod I am mortified.
Abortions4Free: I am in shock.
genieofalltrades: can i ask if you had a name for your baby?
Abortions4Free: Tell me something to calm me. Tell me he would have been the next Stalin or Sally Jesse and that I have done the right thing!!!
Abortions4Free: Please!!!
genieofalltrades: i cant.....
Abortions4Free: I did have name for him..
genieofalltrades: whut was it?
Abortions4Free: Nicholas.
Abortions4Free: Or Nicky.
Abortions4Free: *bursts into tears*
genieofalltrades: r u crying?
Abortions4Free: Oooooooooooooooooowhy did you tell me to do this???
genieofalltrades: I DIDNT
genieofalltrades: Abortions4Free: pleez dont abort him.....adopt him out or sumthing just dont kill your babygenieofalltrades: see
Abortions4Free: it has just a good of a chance of becoming the next Hitler
Abortions4Free: See???
Abortions4Free: YOU DID THIS!
genieofalltrades: Abortions4Free: it has just a good of a chance of becoming the next Hitler or even the next Mother Theresa......but ur giving your baby a chance....these other babies...dont they deserve a chance just like ur baby
genieofalltrades: thats what i said
Abortions4Free: I have prayed to sweet admirable Jesus for guidance and I thought that this was His way of telling me!!!
genieofalltrades: NO
genieofalltrades: i was asking you to stop killing other babies
genieofalltrades: Abortions4Free: but hes inside of you.....hes a part of can kill a part of you
genieofalltrades: i didnt want you to kill him
genieofalltrades: i never made you kil your baby i asked you i pleaded w/you not to
Abortions4Free: Excuse the caps lock.
Abortions4Free: I can't argue about it now. I have a client coming in in 10 minutes and here I am covered in blood with mascara running down my face.
Abortions4Free: How is a 13 yr old girl going to trust me to terminate her child looking like this???
genieofalltrades: 13?
Abortions4Free: Yes. We don't work on the same level as so-called "legitimate" clinics and providers.
Abortions4Free: Thats why we work over the internet, to get around some state and federal regulations.
genieofalltrades: goin to tell you the on my oms sn.......i hate abortions...its wrong........and it scares me........but my name is Nikki
Abortions4Free: Oh, God, Nikki, I swear we did the right thing.
Abortions4Free: Every time I look in this bag and see that creepy, wandering eye... I know.
Abortions4Free: This kid would have grown up into some horrible Backstreet bot or Judge Judy.
Abortions4Free: We killed a terrible terrible child tonite, you and me. And Jesus will thank us one day.
genieofalltrades: NO.......YOU did the WRONG thing but its over could you say that.....that baby in that YOUR baby...your SON......and you think u did the rite thing by killing him? I DONT THINK SO....upeople are CREEPY
genieofalltrades: i didnt fucking kil anybody
Abortions4Free: Watch the tongue, little lady!
Abortions4Free: You were just as much to blame on this.
genieofalltrades: ur not my mom ur some sick lady who kills babies so dont tell me to watch my tounge..........ur the killer here i asked you not to.....SO FUCK OFF IF U THINK UR GONNA MAKE ME THE BAD GUY
Abortions4Free: Oh Christ-On-A-Crutch I won't even have time to sterilize the equpiment for this girl now. God I hope her immune system is strong.
genieofalltrades: FUCK OFF YOU CARZY BITCH~!
genieofalltrades: CRAZY*
Abortions4Free: And, I will tell you to watch your tongue. You need to respect your elders! I only hope that this bag of gook I used to call my baby would have turned out like a little sass-mouth like you. I would have no problem sending a potty-mouth child on the A-train to Hell.
Abortions4Free: I am going to keep your name on my list here so that when your Mother comes on line I can tell her how you made a woman abort her only child.
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